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TFX0250D5W, 250Watt Replacement Power Supply, 24 Pin Connector, 3-SATA Connectors, 3.25X2.5X6.9
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TFX0250D5W, 250Watt Replacement  Power Supply, 24 Pin Connector, 3-SATA Connectors, 3.25X2.5X6.9 Manufacturer: BESTEC
Mfr Part #: TFX0250D5W
UserEasy SKU: 11187
Status: INSTOCK - Usually Ships Same Day (by 3pm EST)
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Key Features:

Dell Part #:
PN YX301, N038C, YX302, XW605, YX301, XW604, XW784

Replaces the following computer power supplies:
Bestec TFX0250D5W REV X4
Bestec TFX0250D5W REV X3
Bestec TFX0250P5WB
Bestec TFX0250D5W REV X4
Compaq Business Desktop dx7200
Compaq Business Desktop dx7300
Compaq Business Desktop dx7400
Compaq Business Desktop dx7500
Dell XW 602, 604, 605, 784
Dell YX301
Dell Inspiron 530s, 531s
Dell Vostro 200, 320, 400
Dell Studio 540s
HP Pavilion Slimline S5113w
HP 447402-001
HP 447585-001
HP Business Desktop dx7200
HP Business Desktop dx7300
HP Business Desktop dx7400
HP Business Desktop dx7500
HP Business Desktop dx7500 SSF
HP Compaq dx7400 Small Form Factor PC

FH080PA, FH081PA, FH082PA, FH083PA, FH130PA, FH171PA, FH189PA, FH189PAR, FH190PA, FH191PA, FH191PAR, FH195PA, FH195PAR, FH196PA, FH196PAR, FH197PA, FH255PA, FH256PA, FH257PA, FH258PA, FH271PA, FH313PA, FH314PA, FH326PA, FH327PA, FH328PA, FH337PA, FH340PA, FH353PA, FJ011LA, FP044PA, FP045PA, FP046PA, FP047PA, FP048PA, FP072PA, FP073PA, FP084PA, FP091PA, FP097PA, FP097PAR, FP098PA, FP099PA, FP112PA, FP113PA, FP788PC, FP789PC, FN823PC, FN867PA, FN875PA, FN876PA, FN909PA, FN922PA, FN923PA, FN924PA, FN925PA, FN963PA, FN991PA, FP001PA, FP002PA, FP002PAR, FQ822PC, FQ406LA, FQ407LA, FQ408LA, FV289LA, FV290LA, FW079PC, FV285LA, FV286LA, FV287LA, FV288LA, GD385AV, GP387PT, GP388PT, GP389PT, GP390PT, GP391PT, GP392PT, GV725PA, GV822PA, GV711PA, GV712PA, GV713PA, GV714PA, GV715PA, GV717PA, GV724PA, GY516PA, GY516PAR, GY517PA, GY517PAR, GY518PA, GY518PAR, GY519PA, GY520PA, GY520PAR, GY521PA, GY521PAR, GY522PA, GY522PAR, GY523PA, GY524PA, GY524PAR, GY525PA, GY525PAR, GY546PA, GY547PA, GY548PA, GY549PA, GY566PA, GY604PA, GY605PA, KB456PA, KB457PA, KB484PA, KB485PA, KF226PA, KL183PA, KL223PA, KL224PA, KL228PA, KL238PA, KL244PA, KL245PA, KL252PA, KK191PC, KL548AV, KN669PA, KN670PA, KN671PA, KR861LA, KR862LA, KR863LA, KR864LA, KS808PA, KS817PA, KS836PA, KS549PC, KS760PA, KS761PA, KS762PA, KS763PA, KY122LA, KY123LA, KY124LA, KY125LA, KY368PA, KY369PA, KY370PA, KY447PA, KY449PA, KY459PA, KY460PA, KW859PC

HP Pro 3010 Small Form Factor PC

VN935EA, VN935EAR, VN936EA, VN936EAR, VN940EA, VN940EAR, VN947EA, VN947EAR, VN948EA, VN948EAR, VN958EA, VN958EAR, VN959EA, VN959EAR, VN960EA, VN960EAR, VN961EA, VN961EAR, VN962EA, VN966EA, VN975EA, VN976EA, VN976EAR

HP Pro 3000 Small Form Factor PC

VS633UT, VS634UT, VS635UT, VS636UT, VS637UT

HP Pro 3010 Small Form Factor PC

VW279EA, VW280EA, VW281EA, VW285EA, VW285EAR, VW287EA, VW294EA, VW294EAR, VW301EA, VW302EA, VW308EA, VW309EA, VW311EA, VW313EA, VW329EA, VW330EA, VW331EA, WB565EA, WB569EA

HP Pro 3010 SFF E7500 320G 4G 23 PC WB700ES

HP Pro 3000 Small Form Factor PC

WE568PA, WE606PA, WE607PA, WE608PA, WE609PA, WE610PA, WE611PA, WE612PA, WE613PA, WE614PA, WE680PA, WE685PA, WE746PA, WE747PA, WG739LA, WG741LA, WG743LA, WG990LA

HP Pro 3000 SFF E5400 250G 2G 27 PC WK726LA

HP Pro 3000 SFF E7500 250G 2G 27 PC WK727LA

HP Pro 3000 Small Form Factor PC

WM158PA, WM168PA, WM169PA, WM170PA, WM171PA, WM172PA, WM173PA, WM174PA, WM175PA, WM261PA, WM262PA, WM285PA, WM303PA, WM304PA, WM305PA, WM306PA, WM318PA, WM319PA

1- 24 Pin connetor
1- 4-Pin 12V
1- Floppy


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