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Toshiba Satellite 1400 2400 A100 A105 A135 Keyboard-New
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Toshiba Satellite 1400 2400 A100 A105 A135 Keyboard-New Manufacturer: Toshiba America, Inc.
Mfr Part #: P000392120
UserEasy SKU: 20173
Status: INSTOCK - Usually Ships Same Day (by 3pm EST)
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Key Features:
Layout: US
Color: Black
Condition: Brand New Keyboard with ribbon cable

Compatible Models:
Toshiba Satellite A45 A45-S120 A45-S1201 A45-S1202 A45-S121 A45-S1211 A45-S130 A45-S1301 A45-S150 A45-S151 A45-S1511 A45-S250 A45-S2502 A55-S1063 A55-S1064 A55-S1066 A55-S306 A55-S3061 A55-S3062 A55-S3063 A55-S326 A55-S3261 A60 A60-111 A60-S1662 A65 A65-S126 A70-S2362 A70-S249 A70-S256 A70-SP249 A75-S1253 A75-S206 A75-S209 A75-S2091 A75-S2111 A75-S226 A75-S2261 A75-S229 A75-S2291 A75-S2762 A75-SP229 A75-SP249 A80-S178 A85 A85-S107 A85-S1071 A85-S1072 M10 M100 M115 M15 1400 2400 A100 A105 A135

Replace Part Numbers:
Toshiba P000392120 K000029390 UE2024P135, P000349000, P000405490

Package Includes:
New Laptop Keyboard for Toshiba Satellite A130 A135 M50 A105 K000029390

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