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TFX12V Flex ATX 200W Power Supply, P4 Rated w/12V Power Connector, 150mm x 82mm x 43mm (Also Upgrades HP-L1205F3 Power Supply)
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TFX12V Flex ATX 200W Power Supply, P4 Rated w/12V Power Connector, 150mm x 82mm x 43mm (Also Upgrades HP-L1205F3 Power Supply) Manufacturer: MISCELLANEOUS
Mfr Part #: WIN-200PS
UserEasy SKU: 5865
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Detailed Product Info:

This is a 200W TFX12V Flex ATX power supply which is used to replace the power in your mini-barebones computer such aFXPCs the Shuttle XPC SB52G2 or SV25 (see compatibility chart at bottom for more items).  For older XPC units this is a power upgrade which will allow you to add a more powerful hard drive or video card and to also eliminate system lockups and crashes due to low power supply current problems. This unit has 1 ball-bearing exhaust fan, energy star certification, and  UL, CE, FCC approvals. This unit includes a 12V Pentium 4 connector.   It also included a 6 pin auxiliary connector for extra 5V power as well as a -5V output, which provides the flexibility for use with FlexATX, MicroATX, or Standard ATX motherboards. Airflow drawn out of case into surroundings by 40mm internal fan. If you need this same TFX form factor power supply with Active PFC (power factor correction) then order the ENP-2320 part here.


  • Remote on/off, Power good TTL Signal
  • Extra 6 pin auxiliary power connector
  • High capacity 20A +5V current rail
  • Excellent Combined +3.3V and +5V Power of 100W Max
  • Short Circuit, Over Current & Voltage Protection
  • UL / CUL, CB, TUV safety approved

Rated for:

  • All Intel Processors up to P4
  • All AMD Processors up to Athlon

Environmental Specifications:

  • MTBF 100,000 HRS
  • Safety Approvals UL/CUL, CB, TUV, Nemko
  • EMC Regulations FCC, CE

Electrical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage 115/230VAC
  • Frequency 50 ~ 60 Hz
  • Input Current 5A @ 115VAC; 3A @ 230VAC


  Length xWidth xHeight
Metric 150mm 82mm 43mm
US-Std 5.9in 3.2in 1.7in


Type Motherboard Connector Peripheral Connector Floppy Connector P4 12V Connector Auxiliary Connector
Quantity 1 2 1 1 1

Power/Current Ratings:

AC Inputs

Voltage Frequency
100V - 127V/4A 60Hz
200V - 240V/2A 50Hz

DC Outputs

Voltage +3.3V +5V +12V -5V -12V +5Vsb
Current 15A 20A 7A 0.5A 0.5A 1.5A
  +3.3V & +5V Total Output 100W


Compatibility Chart (Updated 7/15/03)
Power Supplies (direct replacement unless otherwise noted)
  • Enhance ENP-0812a (power upgrade)
  • SPI/Fortron FSP150-50PL (power upgrade & add P4 12V connector)
  • SPI/Fortron FSP200-50PL
  • SPI/Fortron FSP200-50PS
  • Shuttle XPC SB52G2 - 200W
  • Shuttle XPC SV25/FV25 - 150W


Replacement Power Supply for: Shuttle FV-25

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