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FSP200-60SPV-D,HP microATX Power Supply w/HP 4pin Video Connector and P4 Connector
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FSP200-60SPV-D,HP  microATX Power Supply w/HP 4pin Video Connector and P4 Connector Manufacturer: USEREASY COMPUTER SYSTEMS
Mfr Part #: UEPS3-HP2004p
UserEasy SKU: 6688
Status: INSTOCK - Mostly Ships in 3 - 5 Days - No Returns
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This 200Watt, Micro ATX power supply is a replacement/upgrade unit for IW-IPS-1805V IW-IPS-P1802B-0 Hipro HP-146SSC, HP-150CLFA6, Delta DPS-110, LITEON PS-6161-2H, PcChips PC100 PS150 and HP Pavilion spares numbers HP 0950-2800, 0950-3426, 0950-3751, 0950-3623, 0950-4097, 0950-4106, 0950-4107, 0950-4270, 5184-3961, 5187-1061. It includes a 12V connector for Pentium 4 support. Our power supply features quality components that will last and provide clean power to your system. This is the highest quality replacement power supply for your PC on the market for an amazing price!

This quality power supply features a recessed AC outlet for best clearance and installation in HP Pavillion computers. Don't accept any other substitute for your HP Pavillion computer or you may experience mounting problems. Many companies claim to have a compatible replacement for your HP Pavillion but don't check to make sure it will actually fit properly!

Replacement Power Supply for: Proteva cmp-v06/4586, Proteva cmp-s03/433/66, Proteva cmp-1c417a, Permio, RMR, Toshiba Equium 7100D, Toshiba PV1057U-PPC01, Twinhead N-1400, HP Pavilion 8650C, HP Pavilion 304W, HP Pavilion 500, HP Pavilion 503N, HP Pavilion 515N, HP Pavilion 533W, HP Pavilion 553X, HP Pavilion 563W, HP Pavilion 6333, HP Pavilion 6350, Hp Pavilion 6355, HP Pavilion 750, HP Pavilion 750N, HP Pavilion 7920, HP Pavilion 8562, HP Pavilion 8580C, HP Pavilion 8650C, HP Pavilion 8668C, HP Pavilion 8670C, HP Pavilion 8705, HP Pavilion 8750C, HP Pavilion 8766C, HP Pavilion 8775C, HP Pavilion 8776C, HP Pavilion 8860, HP Pavilion 8660C, HP Pavilion 9600, HP Pavilion XL754, HP Pavilion XL759, HP Pavilion XL761, HP Pavilion XL768, HP Pavilion XL773, HP Pavilion XL775, HP Pavilion XL789, HP Pavilion XL844, HP Pavilion XL847, HP Pavilion XL866,
  • Power Supply replacement: hipro-hp-146cc HP-A2007A3 Astec ATX145-3485 Astec ATX145-3505 Gateway 6500565 Gateway 6500611 Gateway 6500525 Gateway 6500583 Gateway 6500470 Gateway 6500652 Gateway 6500703 Gateway 6500582 Gateway 6500704 Gateway 6500457 Gateway 6500526 Gateway 6500612 Gateway 6500684 Gateway 6500055 Gateway POW145005AAWW Gateway POW145006AAWW Gateway POW145002AAWW Gateway POW145004AAWW Liteon PS-5161-2G Newton NPS-250EB A Newton NPS-250EB B Newton NPS-250CB A Newton NPS-250CB B Newton NPS-250HB A Newton NPS-160CB-1 A Newton NPS-200PB-119A Newton NPS-200PB-119B Newton NPS-200PB-119C Powertronics PK-6145-DT Powertronics PK-6145DT-3 Packard Bell 925 NorthGate

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