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HP Original ATX-300-R 300W Power Supply (Mfg by Bestec); HP PN: 5188-2625,5187-6114,5188-0129, ATX12V-HP300BT
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HP Original ATX-300-R 300W Power Supply (Mfg by Bestec); HP PN: 5188-2625,5187-6114,5188-0129, ATX12V-HP300BT Manufacturer: BESTEC
Mfr Part #: 5188-2625 ATX-300-12ZCDR
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Key Features:
This power unit has (1) 24 pin ATX connector, (1) ATX12V connector, (2) Serial ATA connectors, (5) peripheral power connectors, and (1) floppy drive connector.

24 pin ATX12V1 ATX12V2 SATA Power3 Peripheral4 Floppy5

Connector notes:
1MOLEX 39-01-2240 or equivalent. Pin 13 also contains +3.3V Sense.
2MOLEX 39-29-9042 or equivalent.
3MOLEX housing #675820000, MOLEX terminal #675810000 or equivalents.
4AMP 1-480424-0 or equivalent. 5AMP 171822-4 or equivalent.
Manufacturer Bestec Model ATX-300-12Z CDR
Type ATX12V Warranty 1 year
Dimensions 140L x 150W x 86H mm Dimensions US 5.5' x 5.9' x 3.4'
Safety UL, CSA, TUV Efficiency 70% minimum
Reliability > 100K hours with all outputs at maximum load, ambient temperature of 25C.

AC Input
Voltage Max current Frequency Protection
115/230VAC 7/4 A 47-63 HZ Internal fuse
AC Input is switch selectable between 115V (100-127V) and 230V (200-240V).

DC Outputs
Voltage Max Current Min Current Max Ripple Load Line
+3.3V 28 A 0.5 A 50 mVpp +5% +1%
+5V 30 A 1.0 A 50 mVpp +5% +1%
+12V 19 A 1.0 A 120 mVpp +5% +1%
-12V 0.8 A 0.0 A 120 mVpp +10% +2%
+5VSB 2.0 A 0.0 A 50 mVpp +5% +1%
Notes: (1) +3.3V and +5V total output not to exceed 180W, (2) +5V and +12V total output not to exceed 288W, (3) Load and Line refer to regulation, (4) Output Voltage Hold Time is 17mS.

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